How to fix "Do you want the application to accept incoming network connections" popup

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Our end users have firewalls enabled on their mac. Turning it off is not really a viable solution. They use an application that is being blocked by the mac firewall. When I add an exclusion for the application, it does not fix it and this pop-up still comes up. I have verified the bundle ID is correct when I add the exclusion. The popup will still come up after the exclusion is added. 

The popup will only go away once I disable the firewall completely. So I am not sure how to fix this issue. I have read on mac forums and have not found a viable solution for this that does not involve turning off the firewall completely. 


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Sounds like you're doing everything correct. Is it one specific app, or several? Are you running sudo jamf manage afterwards to verify the new Firewall profile with the changes comes down to the Mac?

What app/s is this for?

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This app is for Prinergy VPS+. It is one specific app. I did not try to run sudo jamf manage. I could try that. It is only this specific app where it happens.I am pretty sure it updated though as configurations from jamf pro seem to be almost instant. 

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Is the application codesigned and notarized?

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I ran in similar problems with Cisco Secure Client. The solution was to apply the Configuration Profile before installing the software. Maybe it works for you also.

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I run into the same problem with Cisco Secure Client, specifically the acumbrellaagent

Even applying the firewall rules prior to the install, we still see a few cases here and there where it prompts for an inbound connection