How to get apps off of the App No Longer In App Store daily emailed report


I'm grateful that the feature was added in 10.2 that notifies me when an app in my Self Service catalog is no longer in Apple's iOS App Store. It allowed me to more easily clean up our app catalog a bit this summer. I've removed every reference I can to an app no longer in the App Store including:

  • removing the app from Mobile Device Apps,
  • unchecking any user VPP assignments, and even
  • removing it from all user devices.

However, those apps still appear on the report. I assume that's because Apple still has on record that I have VPP licenses for that app. Of course, I can never use those licenses since the app is gone, and as far as I can tell, Apple provides no way for me to delete those license. That means I now get a daily email alerting me to things I've already addressed, which means I'm not going to read those emails very frequently since they are now all false positives regarding any action being required.

Is there some way I can get JAMF Pro to stop telling me about an app that's no longer in the store after I've removed every reference to it in JAMF Pro?



Yeah, I have this issue too.

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Same issue here.