How to install applications automatically while enrolling

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Hi ,

I am completely new to jamf.

I have a requirement where the few of the basic applications ( Chrome,office,and other apps) must install while enrolling the machine.How can i achive this ?

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@AnilSirigiri Jamf has two options.

  1. If you are enrolling with DEP, you can use "Enrollment Packages" in Prestage. This package has to be Signed distribution packages -
  2. Policies with Enrollment Complete Trigger. This will work with User Initiated enrollment as well.  -


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Use option 2 from what @karthikeyan_mac suggested. Office products are quite large, and depending on your users broadband connection it could take a while to install. You ideally want the minmum apps you can get in there.

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Thanks you so much @karthikeyan_mac  @SCCM 

Thanks for all your time.


I will brief you bit more about our environment and see if you can help me out.

We are having user initiated enrollement and I can see Jamf connect was added in prestage enrollment.

While Mac is enrolling I can see the essentials softwares are installing and now I want to add few other softwares to that list so That those softwares will also get install.


I do checked s/w deployment policies (office deployment policy) where  the execution trigger is not set to “ enrolment complete “ but still its Installing while enrolling and the same happening for other policies as well (Not set to enrollment complete)

How is this happening ?

My understanding is that some scripts are running  automatically to install these software policies while enrolling

But not able to see where they are added and how I can make the changes.

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It sounds like you only have one app installing in the prestage “jamf connect” which is good. The others are installing afterwards. You are going to have to look at your policies and what they are scoped to. Enrolment complete is when the device joins to the MDM this could be before the user logs in, depending on if you have DEP setup . Enrolment complete doesn’t mean when you have finished installing all the apps and settings you want installed on first login.
Any policies scoped to all computers on a reoccurring check in should come after that.
For your office install do you have a custom trigger ? if so one of you policies will have a script which runs a command like “jamf policy -trigger (custom trigger)” or “jamf policy -event <trigger>”
You would upload your application and create a new policy scoped to all computers & a custom trigger on the policy (not reoccurring checkin). You would then find the policy / script which runs the other installs and add your new trigger to it i.e. if you created a new policy with the trigger “installzoom” you would be adding the following line in your script “jamf policy -event installzoom”
The above is just a guess from what you have written

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Super @SCCM 

That gives me a brief idea, now i will dig more on to this.