How to load PPT files into config for iPad's?

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I have 25 iPads i need to send out. I need to send them out with decks of presentations. These will also get updated over time. How do I do that?


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Jamf specializes in deploying ebooks primarily in Self Service.

That being said, couple of lame ideas...put the PowerPoint file on a nice internal website and train your users to grab the most recent one and have them download it periodically.

Same concept with a OneDrive in a shared folder maybe?

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I haven't done it with a slide deck, but we've added links to useful information as Self Service icons. We've found it much easier to have things accessed via webpage than try to load directly to mobile device, with the added benefit that when updates are needed, you just update the webpage/file being accessed rather than trying to push out a file and hope it lands where it's supposed to.