How to manage a Casper admin person

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So i wanted to know if you can see if your casper admin person is secretly checking your computer out without you knowing?

Ive had random applications disappear from my mac, Sure its probably a policy thats been put in place but its too specific for me.

Can you see what this person is upto in Casper, See what machines he/she remotes into and checks etc?





Look, if you are honestly worried that your workplace/school computer is being specifically targeted by your Casper Admin, the best tool you have is simple communication with the person in question.

Aside from that, if you have access to your Computer object in the JSS, there is a History tab that will show the history of Policy execution, Casper Remote and Screen sharing.

As far as I know, you cannot look at a single JSS user's overall activity though.

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I agree with Marker.43, there needs to be clear communication between you and the Admin. Was any general policy communicated to the users that forbid certain applications?

Also depends a lot on the environment you're in. There might be security reasons why certain apps are not allowed in enterprise businesses.

If you have access to the Casper console, look at your computer record and check the history. Other than that, I don't think we should divulge any more information...but if you'd like to read the Casper manual you might be able to find out more.

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thanks for that, Yes i agree communication is the key and ive done that too.

Appreciate your help