How to manage a shared Apple ID on 800 ipads. (Apple School Manager is not available on our Region)

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I’ve been searching this here but can’t seem to find it so I’m creating a new discussion. Here it goes..

We are having a hard time managing 800 iPads in the school as we are sharing to them 1 Apple ID for App Deployment. Initially the deployment was fine since we have the device and we can put the password anytime it ask but now since we are on an online setup. Whenever it ask for the password we have to ask the parent to bring the device in the school just for the password. I already tried to check SettingsAppleIDMediaPurchasesPasswordSettings and made sure that the Require Password is unchecked but still at some point it ask us for the password. We do not want to share the password of the account since someone might change the password without us knowing.

Can someone please advice. It really is a pain since Apple School Manager/VPP is not in our country.