How to Map a Printer as the Current User

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I have a single printer inside our Self Service that work across all our printers via a badge printing system. In order for PrintJobs to be associated to their correct owner, the printer must be added as the current user.

The Problem. When I run the printer policy, it maps the printer using the service account I created to mount the DP share.

I understand that enrolling a user-account and then login in as that user in self service would work but most our workstations were not user-enrolled. I'd like to make it as seamless as possible.

I also created a lpadmin script to try and add the printer using self service but it still runs as the service account. If I run the script locally, it will add the printer and only wants me to authenticate locally. Which I could be ok with.

or is there a way for me to import all of our users from AD without the need to manually enroll each one?

thanks for the help.


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Check this thread; might give you some pointers.

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@Ericvdiaz, I've had an issue where network printers were pausing and the only way to unpause them was to remove and re-add them. I use the command below to remove printers and then use the lpadmin command to re-add the printers. This is done via a Policy using the script payload. I set the policy to trigger at "login" and the frequency to "ongoing" . Essentially the policy gives the currently logged in user a "clean slate" of printer(s) at log in. You may find a variation of this helpful in your environment.

for printer in `lpstat -p | awk '{print $2}'`
echo Deleting $printer
lpadmin -x $printer