How to permanently track a personal device?

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I recently deployed a phone to a family member who was mugged and the phone was stolen. It was immediately powered off and has not returned (nor do I expected it to).

Thus I'm now playing around with manual (via a cord) Device Supervision. Is there a way for me to (1) initiate Supervision and/or a Profile and/or a Blueprint (2) without a DEP account so that (3) the device can SUPER LITERALLY NEVER be removed without my direct password/passcode?

Said another way, I don't have a business so DEP isn't relevant to me, so please don't answer with "just tie the device ID to your DEP." Secondarily, I've found that the local admin of the device can remove the MDM profile (Settings -> General -> Device Management) and given that they know their own PIN they are able to disable the system - I want to prevent that. I want to deploy a device "in the field" to a different person who cannot disable tracking, even if they DFU mode or manually restore the device... I want the iOS device to "call home" with location, immediately, if that happens.

Possible? Am I making sense here?