How to send a command to locked DEP iOS devices that are not connected to the network

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Hello, I am still new to Jamf Pro, our college owns quite a lot of iOS devices (DEP enabled) for staff use. Often times I receive request from staff to reset the passcode but no WiFi is connected at that time. Or a staff is terminated and the iOS device gets returned to us but the wireless connection is lost after the reboot. This is kind of catch 22, which I am not able to send out command to the device with no network connection. The only way I could do is to wipe it. I wonder how anyone will deal with this matter, especially our policy here is no generic account is allowed to create for wireless connection.



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Later versions of iOS support internet sharing from a macOS device, you may be able to enable this and then plug the device in using USB. If it requires something from the device end though your probably stuffed. The other possibility is a USB ethernet adaptor on a open DHCP network, but once again if it requires confirmation on the device itself your stuck again.
Maybe you can preload approval for these proactively using a configuration profile, I haven't really investigated that option but it would be useful if it was possible.