How to update spotify automatically?

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Is there a way in self service to update spotify automatically. Or at the very least package/script the policy to always pull and install the latest version?


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Yeah, I am trying to figure this out too. How would we go about doing this? It prompts users for the admin login each time Spotify is launched to update. How can we allow the user to auto update?

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I have this question also. Students are always coming in for a password when Spotify updates. Can it be added to Patch Management?

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Would really love to have this as well.

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I stopped allowing the app. They can use the web browser player and leave me out of it.

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Can't we modify a .plist or something ?

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Gonna have to plug AutoPKG again:

autopkg search spotify

Name                        Repo                  Path                                    
----                        ----                  ----                                    
Spotify.filewave.recipe     andredb90-recipes     Spotify/Spotify.filewave.recipe         
Spotify.install.recipe      homebysix-recipes     Spotify/Spotify.install.recipe          
Spotify.pkg.recipe          homebysix-recipes     Spotify/Spotify.pkg.recipe              
Spotify.jss.recipe          jss-recipes           Spotify/Spotify.jss.recipe              
Spotify.munki.recipe        recipes               Spotify/Spotify.munki.recipe        recipes               Spotify/         
Spotify.LANrev.recipe       seansgm-recipes       LANrevRecipes/Spotify.LANrev.recipe     
Spotify.Absolute.recipe     seansgm-recipes       AbsoluteRecipes/Spotify.Absolute.recipe

Then you can use a tool like JSS Importer to automatically update your packages/patch your fleet with automation.

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@tlarkin Do you have a decent guide you recommend to get AutoPKG working properly?

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@M.Tucker-JBE the AutoPKG git repo has a great wiki that I just followed

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Spotify is also in Installomator!

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Go to Settings.
Tap iTunes & App Store.
Switch App Updates on. Android
Open the Google Play Store.
Search Spotify.
Tap the three dots in the top right.
Check Auto-update.
But sometimes I do not want to update it too often since I need to convert Spotify to MP3 with tools like TunesKit Spotify Music Converter.

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I just created this script today because I was disappointed that the Spotify "installer" available on their website just downloads whatever the latest version is from their site. I wanted something that was more easily deployable. It has the benefit of being a single script that covers both intel and arm CPUs. And it turned out that when I put this script in a Payload-free package, it can be used with Jamf's patch management!



# hardware architecture check. Possible answers are "arm" or "i386"
CPU=$(uname -p)
echo "hardware architecture is $CPU . Installing $CPU version of Spotify"

# arm64 installation
	curl -L > /Users/Shared/SpotifyARM64.dmg 
	hdiutil attach /Users/Shared/SpotifyARM64.dmg 
	cp -R /Volumes/Spotify/ /Applications/ 
	chown -R root:wheel /Applications/
	chmod -R 755 /Applications/
	hdiutil detach /Volumes/Spotify/ 
	sleep 3 
	rm -Rf /Users/Shared/SpotifyARM64.dmg

# intel installation
	curl -L > /Users/Shared/Spotify.dmg 
	hdiutil attach /Users/Shared/Spotify.dmg 
	cp -R /Volumes/Spotify/ /Applications/ 
	chown -R root:wheel /Applications/
	chmod -R 755 /Applications/
	hdiutil detach /Volumes/Spotify/ 
	sleep 3 
	rm -Rf /Users/Shared/Spotify.dmg

if [ "$CPU" == arm ]
	then arm_install
	else intel_install

echo "Finished installing $CPU version of Spotify"

exit 0



I'm sure it could use some fine adjustments, but it works as-is... at least until they either change the URL or the package names.  [EDIT: I did have -noverify on the hdiutil command because during my testing, It caused errors. But I just realized that the errors were from a previous method I was using. I removed -noverify since it works as-is now]


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Hello Jamf Community,

To ensure Spotify is always updated automatically, you can leverage your self-service tools to create a policy that pulls and installs the latest version. This can be done by scripting a package deployment that regularly checks for updates and applies them without user intervention. A good approach is to schedule the update checks to align with Spotify's release schedule to minimize disruptions. For a more streamlined experience, you might also want to consider using the Spotify Unlocked App, which provides additional features and potentially more flexible update options.

Great Information!!

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Greetings, Jamf Community,

You can use your self-service tools to build a policy that downloads and installs the most recent version of Spotify so that it is updated automatically. One way to accomplish this is by creating a package deployment script that automatically checks for updates and installs them without requiring user input. To reduce interruptions, it's a good idea to time the update checks to coincide with Spotify's release window. You could also want to think about utilizing the Spotify Unlocked App, which offers more features and possibly more flexible updating options, for a more simplified experience.

Fantastic Information!!