HTTP Distribution Point Error 403


I am trying to figure out how to use SMB shar as HTTP but have permissions issues.

I am setting up a new M1 Mac Mini to replace our aging servers as distribution point in our staging area. I followed the JAMF guide and was able to setup a working SMB DP. My end goal is to use HTTP rather than SMB for performance reason, but I am getting error 403.

I am using the built-in Apache on the Mac OS, following this article minus the HTTPS part.

Upon checking permissions, if EVERYONE is set to "No Access" for /Users/Shared/jamfshare/, I will get error 403 and policies failed. Once I change EVERYONE to "Read Only", clients can pull packages from HTTP.

For best practice, I would want to keep "No Access" for EVERYONE.

How can I allow HTTP at the same time keeping "No Access" for EVERYONE?

Also, When I replicate DP with JAMF Admin, all the packages will bear -rwxr-----+ or -rwxr-----@, even if I decide to give read only access to EVERYONE, the permissions on the downloaded packages still bear no access to "others" until I re-apply permissions.

Any ideas or tutorials would be appreciated.