If Device Count Exceeds, can you still enroll iPads?

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hey all,

I am running into an issue where I can install the CA JSS Built-In signing certificate. However, the MDM profile is failing to install.

"Profile installation failed
A connection to the server could not be"

I've tried:
-Enabling Full Trust for Root Cert JSS built-in cert authority
-Confirmed the Tomcat cert is not expired
-It is happening on multiple iPads

Please let me know if you know some workaround or a solution fix.



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Yes, you can still enroll devices if your device count exceeds your licensing.
This was our situation as we were removing devices to retire while onboarding new devices.
Do you have APNS set up?
APNS is required for all MDM commands and everything on iPads works through APNS


Non DEP enrollments?

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From what I was told in my jumpstart, you only "true up" your licenses on an annual basis. Which means you can exceed your licenses at any given time, but you will need to face the reaper when you get to your annual sub date.

This even goes to licenses that you may not have committed to. For instance if you have only iOS but want to try MacOS. It will still allow you to do that.