iMac Boot Loop

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We have various computer labs on campus. We are constantly getting reports of our various iMacs getting stuck in a boot loop. While the iMac is booting, you see a white Apple logo with a red square around it.

The solution that we found that works or fixes the issue is to boot into safe mode, then to log in to an admin account, then we un-enroll from Jamf, then when we restart the iMac it boots normally. After it boots normally, we log back into the admin account and enroll it back into Jamf manually.

This fixes the issue, but then after a while, this issue comes back.

Has anyone experienced this or does anyone know what else we can do to solve this issue?


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Can you provide some extra details? What version of macOS do these machines run and what model year are these iMacs?
Try looking for some sort of pattern related to the OS and Hardware versions.

If they are all the same, or there's no pattern, I would take a look at what packages/configuration profiles are being installed automatically.

You could also try wiping these computers and reinstalling macOS.