iMac printing to Windows based printer regardless of permissions

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I have an issue with iMacs (10.11.6) in that they are able to print directly to a networked printer installed on a Windows print server (2008 R2) regardless of the Windows permissions set on this printer. Is this normal or should the Macs honour the Windows printer permissions?


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I believe it depends on how the printer is being mapped on the Mac. If the printer is mapped directly (ip address) then the mac will not abide by the permissions set on the print server. If the printer is mapped via print server (protocol://printserver/printer) the Mac should respect the servers permissions. I could be wrong though.

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Yes, I second what @mrheathjones said. I believe it's only if you are using the SMB protocol to (smb://printserver/printer) that the permissions are respected and authentication is required. We are using LPD in our environment to get around this for auto-login systems.

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To be honest though if it is mapped using protocol://printserver/printer and it can print when it's not supposed to that's not really a problem with the Mac is it... Imagine if file shares worked like that people would be beating down Microsoft's door to complain!
But yeah my guess is direct mapping (which would also work on a Windows machine as well if setup to do so).

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If you are wanting the user to be prompted for a username & password every time they print, map the printer via SMB. You should also disable LPD printing on the print server.

All our printers are setup on Windows 2012R2 print servers. We enable LPD printing on the servers to bypass the username/password prompt associated with SMB printing. Users were complaining about authenticating every time they wanted to print.

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OK thanks for all those pointers.

I have found that the printer must have been inadvertently added to the image.