iMac Pro / Jamf or MDM

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A group within our organization is purchasing one of these for their developer team, and I'm curious if there are any possible MDM challenges or changes to managing them with the new T2 chip and encryption process, or if they are essentially good to go?

I don't foresee our company buying many of these, but am curious if the encryption keys in the "Full Security" mode will be passed to Jamf or if they only are stored in the T2 Chip Secure Enclave.


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Bumping this in case anyone has had any experiences, we have a user who showed up with a new iMac Pro (which of course is also on 10.13.5) and techs are reporting some initial weirdness. I've only gotten short emails from the techs, so I'm not sure if it could be the T2 chip or the OS since we're still on Jamf 10.3.1 which doesn't support that OS version. Could also just be a problem with one of our policies, the only thing I've heard so far is a possible issue with FileVault. (and a policy-specific issue)

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"What's FileVault?" - iMac Pro

Wishful thinking. :(

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