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Hi All,

First of all, my apologies if this has previously been discussed in the casper-request forum, however I've searched though a year or so worth of emails and haven't found the topic raised. This is probably nothing more than me missing a simple option in the master image creation process.
Basically, the issue I am facing is the random read-only permissions set across the local HDD after being imaged with my Base1056 OS Package.
My base image is fairly standard, with all software updates applied to the Mac OS, admin user created, delete unwanted apps, clean caches and capture with Composer as a compressed DMG.
After imaging the root level of the HDD has read only permissions, as well as other directories littered with what I would consider to be incorrect permissions.
I have attempted to repair permissions pre/post Composer capture, as well as after imaging, to no avail once image is deployed.
Any ideas or methods that you use when creating your images with Composer (Operating System package or dmg, Application packaging or dmg) to avoid this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Thankyou in advance.

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Hello there,

A few questions, what Server OS are you running? What version of Casper
Suite and JSS are you running? And Did you run upgrades on either or
both of those to get to that version?

For instance if you originally started with OS X Server 10.4.x and
Casper 5.x and upgraded to OS X Server 10.5.x and Casper 6.x That would
be good to know.

The reason I ask is that we had that scenario and had numerous
permissions issues that were resolved when we took everything down,
zeroed and built a fresh 10.5 server install and installed Casper 6.01
directly. Though by doing that we were not able to determine what
exactly caused the problem. Just curious if you may be in the same
situation. If not well, I'm out of ideas.

Good Luck!