iMessage signed out after iOS updates on Jamf Managed Devices

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Does anyone else have this issue or know of a fix? When our users (who have iOS devices managed with Jamf) update the iOS, iMessage gets signed out after each update. Each user has to go into their settings and reactivate iMessage.

This does not happen after updates with devices not managed by Jamf, which makes me think it has something to do with our configuration.

Does anyone have any thoughts, or maybe has the same issue? We manage over 100 devices, and we are getting many calls from frustrated users each time there is a new update.


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I've noticed an ! on the Messages icon with every newly deployed iPad. We are using JPS 10.26 and we do not use Apple IDs. Would love a solution, too.

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I have encountered the same issue with my devices (iPhones) updating to iOs 14.3
Does anyone had found any solution ?

Thank you