Import azure users via ASM

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Hi, I was wondering whether anyone tried before importing Azure users through Apple School Manager, since apparently there's no direct way to add them (e. g. using the Cloud Identity Providers setting or similar)?

We have CIP configured for Azure, and I can add users (or Azure security groups) to the Jamf Pro User Accounts & Groups - but afaics, there's no possibility to import "normal" users (in the "Users" tab or whereever) from Azure. There's only the possibility of an import from ASM - and in ASM, it is indeed possible to import Azure user accounts - never tried it though.

Would be cooler of course, if you could simply sync user accounts or add groups here as well, since Azure is usually the master - but a one time import would still be much better then having to create them all manually...

Or does anyone know a trick how to do this with the API?



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When you add Azure as a Cloud IdP you can assign Azure users to computers and mobile devices just like you can LDAP or local Jamf Users. Once they get assigned, they will show. up in the User tab. But I don't know of any way to import them before assignment. 

Thanks, I can't test this right now, still setting up the new Jam instance (so there's no devices n this environment yet), will test it later!