in order to continue install you need to be the owner "error"


Getting errors on a new mac with "in order to continue install you need to be the owner" "error"


Any help would be great. User is an admin/mobile 


I have one laptop that is enrolled that its doing this and another that is not enrolled same error. 


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Is this on an Apple Silicon Mac? If so and if this is occurring during a software update/upgrade, apple silicon computers require volume ownership to perform updates, maybe the user you are logged in as doesn't have a securetoken

if that's not it at all, can you clarify when you are receiving the error or post a screenshot of the issue?

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I'm seeing this same problem. 14" MBP on Monterey. User is a local admin provisioned by JAMF connect. 

Is it on macOS 12.0? I think there was an issue in 12.0 that’s fixed by erasing and installing 12.0.1

Sure am.   Not sure I really want to go about erasing 100 Macs that shipped with 12.0 and went out to users who now cannot update.  There must be a way to get up to 12.0.1 without touching every single Mac with 12.0 installed(Which is every Mac Apple is currently shipping).

Do you happen to set recovery lock in prestage?

I’ve heard of new machines arriving with 12.0.1 now but if machines are already set up and don’t have a volume owner, I don’t know that you’d be able to update them without erasing as M1 devices require authentication by a volume owner in order to update 

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We didn't have a recover lock set.  That link was helpful. I was able to determine that there was 1 volume owner listed. Oddly it is a standard non admin account that we push to every  machine after imaging. I was able to update to 12.0.1 using that account. I still don't understand why that account in particular is the volume owner. It isn't the first account created nor is it an admin account.