Incorrect display of "Conditional Access Inventory State" in Smart Groups

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When setting up smart groups to report on the status of conditional access of Macs enrolled in Intune Microsoft Endpoint Manager, I create the groups based off of the "Conditional Access Inventory State" criteria. However, it seems like the Smart Groups aren't being populated correctly.

The below details the criteria of a smart group called "Issue - Device not registered in Intune" and the list of devices that match the criteria. As you can see, devices with a "Conditional Access Inventory State" of "Activated" are incorrectly populated in the smart group.



Conversely, when setting up a group named "Status - Device registered in Intune", the opposite occurs; devices with a "Conditional Access Inventory State" that aren't "Activated" (i.e. Unresponsive) are incorrectly populated in the smart group.



Is anyone else seeing this? Am I missing something?


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Hi stephenb!

I can confirm, that behavior in Smart Groups (Version 10.27). Inventory Search is much more consistent.

Example: Device has Conditional Access Inventory State "Activated", but its found below "Deactivated".

Must be an issue.