Incremental renaming of computers

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I could have sworn that it was possible to name/rename machines with a specific convention and incremental numbers in jamf pro, but I can't find any mention of it in the documentation or in the forums.

Right now, our machine names are entirely random, and I'd like be able to take a group of say, 100 macbook pros, and rename them all MBP1, MBP2, etc.

Does anyone have any ideas?


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For Mobile devices at least, device naming is set in the Prestage Enrolment.
In Prestage Imaging for Computers. Looks like the only way to do what you want is to type in a list of names.
Not much use if they are already enrolled.


@justinboyle, you're probably thinking of Casper/Jamf Imaging's feature that allows you to name computers with a prefix, suffix and sequential number at imaging time.

I suggest you use an Advanced Computer Search to create a list of devices you want to rename and export that to a file (with serial numbers). Open the file in a spreadsheet application and add a column for new names. Use its feature to create sequential names.

When you're ready to upload, keep the serial number and the new name columns. Delete the rest. Then use The MUT to change names in your Jamf Pro server.

Finally, create a policy or editing an existing policy such as "Update Inventory" to reset computer names. You'll find that under the policy's Maintenance settings.