Installing Command Line Tool prior to JSS install

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I noticed when trying to install JJS 9.62 on a clean 10.10.1 image that it will ask to install Command Line Tools near the end. If I let this prompt come up and install it while JSS is installing, it will fail 100% of the time. The only solution is to install the Command Line Tools prior to installing JSS 9.62. Not sure if this is a bug or not.

Can anyone confirm?

EDIT: Spoke to soon. Installation is still failing consistently.


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Just today I installed 9.62 on a clean 10.10.1 OS. No command line tools prompt popped up at any point and everything is installed and working now. My order of installation went: OS, OS updates, Server, mysql community server, Java JDK and cryptography files, JSS 9.62, and JDS 9.62. All installs were successful.

Are you working with an app store OS installation or with a pre-made DMG image?