Intego Flextivity and deployments

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I am going to begin installing our Intego Flextivity client across our Casper clients. Has anyone done this and have you run into any gottchas? We have been using VirusBarrier, but I felt this would be a better fit for management. Our PC infrastructure just renewed their McAfee licenses which includes the Mac client, but like many have already expressed, McAfee's solution for the Mac is less than ideal.

Thoughts, advice and other words of wisdom would be most welcome!

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I was in the beta for Flextivity. There was some logging and remote management functions that don't quite meet our requirements yet. They were responsive to support requests and questions. And, you know, it didn't completely break AD bound Macs, that was a big bonus.

We are a McAfee shop and the Macintosh Client (And Macintosh EPO Agent) are nothing but trouble. In testing Flextivity deployed fine and uninstallation was simple enough from the web console. My hope is that now they have the base platform done they can integrate some more enterprise functionality into the web console and I can revisit the product. Not that I don't like working with our ePO guy but if I could never have to look at the EPO web console again I would be a happy man. Plus the whole took 9 months to resolve the we are completely breaking your 10.9 Macs thing was a real drag.

Please let us know how Flextivity works out for you a few months down the road.