InTune Device Registration for Conditional Access

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Recently we have started to see an issue where devices(macOS) are dropping out of Azure AD. We can run through the Intune device registration via Company Portal with no issues, and the device will show compliant and is listed as such in InTune, however the device never appears in Azure AD.

Conditional Access apps will work on these devices for about a day, and then I guess when the JamfAAD check occurs(assuming this is daily?) the user then has no conditional access at all and we have to remove the device from inTune and re register.

Is anyone else seeing anything similar? This all came to light about 2 weeks ago. I have a case open with Microsoft, but so far zero response. What's puzzling to me is not all devices have this behavior, some upon new registration or reregistering show up in AAD just fine.


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Did you ever get a response from Microsoft on this?


I actually did but it was basically to say, "we are extremely backed up on this teams queue, your ticket is #34454334554 in the queue" 

With that said though the issue seems to have either resolved itself or is being reported very infrequently lately.