Intune integration stuck and require to register again

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We just started to implement Jamf and we want to configure Jamf integration with Intune. All the policies are in place and we are using company portal to make the enrollment. The issue here is that, after we run the Microsoft Intune Integration from Self Service, we have to login in company portal, after finishing the Company portal the user is prompted with this:


If you click continue, you will have to make one more Azure sign in, but the login screen will get stuck after entering your password. My guess is that it get stuck due to system asking you if you want to save the password.


The only workaround I found is to close the screen, sign in to Jamf and redeploy the integration script. This time, the enrollment will be done because you are no longer prompted to save the credentials.


My question is: Is there something we do wrong or can this be solved?





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As i can see in your screenshot, the edge is the default browser on this device. We get the same second login too adn that is also normal. 
Try to set the default browser to safari and try registering the device in intune.
Right now the default browser has to be safari for the registration to work.

Or you can use JamfAAD WebView Support which was released in jamf 10.38:

JamfAAD WebView is better then dealing with the default browser. I have tested it and it works fine. But I didnt have the time to implent it for all our users

Hi, thanks for your reply, I have tried with Safari too, but the issue is still there. After some more attention, I found out that at the first try, the pop-up for where you have to entry the macos local password with "always allow" does not appear because the "Do you want to save these credentials" pop-up appear and it get stuck there. If I try to do it again, the always allow pop-up will appear.
Is this normal?