Inventory Preload Question

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Good Morning All,


We have a naming dilemma within our district.  We pull from our SIS to populate the CSV for the inventory preload.  It basically just names the iPad to the serial number.  However we'd like to have the name on the device instead of the serial.  Or both would work. 


If I am correct on this.  We can change the names via a MUT upload but then once the device inventories (Which is once a day for us) the name will change back to the serial.  Are we missing part of the process or doing something wrong? I'll explain further if need.  I appreciate the help....



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The Inventory Preload will overwrite any changes you make in Jamf Pro. So when you change the name, at next inventory it changes back to what is in the Preload. The only option I am aware of is to remove the information from the Preload before making changes in Jamf Pro.

Right.  Within that preload we populate the "Username" field and then push specific WIFI configs based on the username.  We are worried that deleting the preload will effect the other config profiles.  We did test this one one device and it worked fine.  BUt we have like 2700 iPads and if they all don't connect thats alot of work for us.  LOL

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I'm guessing you are using Automatic Device Enrollment for these and have a PreStage setup, yes? If so, why not remove the device name from the Inventory Preload and allow the PreStage to set the device name to the serial number of the device?


You do not necessarily have to remove all of the info from the Preload, just the info you do not want to change, like the device name.

There is no "Device Name" in the inventory preload......