iOS 16.3 seems to require 2FA to backup

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I have just updated a student's iPad to 16.3, then tried to backup to iCloud.  Since the update, it has defaulted iCloud backup and many of the iCloud toggles to off.  when you try and switch them on, it says an error has occurred.  reading online, it seems that 2FA needs to be on.  All of the students use a managed Apple ID and there is no option to turn this on.  Can anyone help?


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We are having the same problem and is affecting multiple students and teachers.


This issue seems to be associated with managed Apple IDs.  Just heard from Apple that they are aware of this issue and investigating the cause.  Also told, at this moment, Apple believes that the backup feature will stay in the same state that it was before updating to 16.3. If it was active it will remain active, even if the UI shows it is disabled.

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I can confirm that since if I go to backups it shows that backups are being done even if the toggle is turned off.

The iPads that I was having trouble with had backup switched on before the update and 16.3 automatically toggled it off.

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