iOS 8 upgrade notes

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Thought I'd post some positive news for anyone who was interested.

We're running Casper Suite 9.4 on a mac mini server (10.9.4) and currently have several restriction profiles out to students, as well as some webclips and a global HTTP proxy (smoothwall). All our student iPads are in DEP and use managed distribution with VPP.

I upgraded an iPad mini (first gen) to iOS 8 yesterday and it appears everything works just fine, which is a relief given last year's débâcle. All profiles are there (albeit in a slightly different menu structure in settings), but yeah. My biggest wish? That the caching servers Apple pushed as such wonderful engineering, don't actually cache iOS 8...


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JSS 9.5 is out, should fully support iOS 8.


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From this post it seems Server 3.2.1 does cache iOS 8. But it's kinda hard to tell for sure. I'll test in the next day or so.


So far only a few people have updated on my end. My test device went to 8 without losing supervision, as did a few other devices. One device that I supervised a week or so back is showing as not supervised now though. Not sure what happened there... I just hope it doesn't continue.


If the Apple server doesn't end up caching it -- anyone ever host the update xml file on their network, and use DNS trickery to server the file local?

Or just change the dns for the download file(s), mirror the path and point to a local server.

That said looking in the XML file it looks like iOS8 is intended to be cached --


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All profiles are there (albeit in a slightly different menu structure in settings)

This is an interesting view of the profiles. I like them grouped under the MDM provider they came from, and the combined itemization of Restrictions.

I kind of wish I could see the profile names still, with the descriptions. I would intentionally write descriptions designed for the end user to read, and no longer can see them. It is probably a 100% Apple change, nothing JAMF can do.


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My 3.2.1 server isn't caching the update. Grrrrrrr!