iOS App versions not being updated in JAMF Catalog

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I noticed a few apps had old versions in the Mobile Device App section of Jamf.. Our server is set to auto check updates and force them at 1am every day..

I made the mistake of clicking edit in the App Maintenance page and pressing force all app updates. It seems many apps were out of date.. Now my internet connection is killed as 3000+ ipads are downloading updates for numerous apps..

Has anyone else had this issue? a possible resolution?


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What Jamf Pro version are you on? This was a problem back in 10.18 (PI-007928) but was fixed several versions ago.

There probably isn't much you can do about the mass MDM commands you've already sent out. You could kill all pending MDM commands but it might be too late to help. Next time, don't hit that button unless it's the middle of the night when most devices aren't being actively used.

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10.23.0 cloud