iOS Device Deployment Process

New Contributor

I am currently playing with the new MDM features of Casper 8.0 and was wondering if you all have any best practices so far deploying iPads.

A little background: We have a device library here with dozen of iPads available for associates to check out as loaners for client demo's, testing new development, etc. Currently, we simply wipe the iPads and hand them to the associate completely unconfigured and unmanaged.

We would like to get to the place where we can have a "check out" process where we would enroll the device (either through iPhone config utility or URL enrollment) to point to the JSS, get Self Service, and get a configuration profile. The config profile would then configure things like the WiFi connection and Exchange account so the user just puts in their password to auth to Exchange and WiFi and they're on their way.

I've been playing with both the iPhone config utility (downloaded an enrollment profile from the JSS) but have some issues enrolling the device using USB to load the profile. The profile cannot be installed because there is no internet connection. This makes sense because it's an out of the box iPad with not configuration but it's a dead end for us because having to configure wifi, then enroll, then forget the network, then give to the associate is a lot more steps than our device team has to do now and would be a pain.

Another idea I have is to create a profile with nothing but a Web Clip that points to https://jssurl:8443/enroll and the user then clicks that and enrolls it themselves and gets the configuration stuff. What do you guys think?