iOS Device Registration Loop

New Contributor

Trialling Jamf Pro to manage a small number of iOS devices. We are setting up Jamf to work with Intune per setup guides. We have some support from Jamf but struggling to get a solution to this one. Currently waiting on a response so thought worth asking community.

We see an issue with Device Registration where we do the "Register with Microsoft" link, we get notification to say "You are now registered with Microsoft" but then it just takes us back to Register with Microsoft link again. No error messages or logs we can find.

We're using Edge on the device with iOS 15.4.1 (iPad). We do have some 365 Conditional Access policies in place but Jamf support have checked and believe they are not causing any issues.

We have no Jamf experience and just evaluating at present but somewhat stuck getting test device added in.

Any common causes of this?