iOS/iPadOS app fail to download with a Cloud and arrow - How I triggered it and how I fixed it

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I found another way to trigger an app fail to download showing the cloud icon with the down arrow.

Enrollment Method
Automated Enrollment / DEP using a PreStage. Enrolled over the air using a guest network. Setup as a new device (not restored from a backup)

Navigated to the Settings app and disconnected (forget this network) prior to switching to the production network.
The Self Service app was in the middle of the download/install.

Jamf inventory record shows all tasks complete, update inventory and send blank push would not reinstall the app.

Needed to delete the app on the glass, then update inventory and blank push.


I know I've seen posts about (while not this exact behavior but this outcome/state) and wanted to add my .02

however was not able to find any of such posts currently.


Screen Shot 2022-02-25 at 10.07.01 AM.png


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Just to clarify, the device record's inventory shows that the app is installed, but it's not.  Curious if you've sent a command to restart the device and then update inventory.

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I did not check if the app showed as installed. I did see no apps installing or commands pending.

Inventory update and blank push made no differentce. Deleted on the glass, then inventory update and blank push installed the app.


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I'd be curious to know if the inventory record showed the app as "installed" when it's in this state.  If the app does not show as installed, a new install command should be pushed to the device when inventory is updated.  If that's not happening, then you should escalate to Jamf.

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We haven't dealt with this in a while, but to my recollection the "stuck" apps show in inventory as "Installing" when this happens.