iOS - JAMF & Intune Compliance

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Hi Nation


Just wondering if you can help me out.

I'm trying to implement Conditional access and iOS Device Compliance between JAMF Pro Cloud and Intune using Cloud Connector.

Here are the steps I have done so far:


  • Conditional Access is Connected
  • Device Compliance is Connected
  • iOS Device enrolled in JAMF
  • Self Service and Authenticator is installed on device
  • 'Register with Microsoft' located in Self Service
  • Conditional Access configured to User Group for Cloud Connector Apps in Azure
  • Compliance Poilcy in Microsoft Endpoint

I have followed most of the admin guides, I have either missed a step or misunderstood something because everytime I have tried to register my device through Self Service, it thinks its neither registered with JAMF or Intune and trying to install JAMF MDM profile again. When you return back to self Service, it displays an error failed to register.





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Edit: Ignore me, I completely missed iOS in the title. Apologies!