iOS Location services

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I'm not sure where I'm missing this in my configuration, but my location services are turned off and I want them on. Where am I missing this?


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My JAMF server is also showing location services disabled. I also was wondering what this is? I know in the iPad setup most of iPads we distributed had location services on.

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Do you have "Allow modifying Find My Friends settings (supervised only)" unchecked in a config profile for the iPads? We found that if modifying Find My Friends is restricted it also disables the location services toggle. I reported it to support.

Support says it looks like it's an Apple issues as the same happens when the restriction is pushed out using configurator.

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Does anyone know if this is fixed? Is Find my friends still the trigger for location services to be turned on? I am looking through the settings that you can push and I can't find anything else for location services.

Thanks Ryan

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I know this is an old thread, but it's the most relevant one I could find on this topic.

Using one of my DEP-enrolled iPads, I've noticed that even if I leave "Allow modifying Find My Friends settings (supervised only)" unchecked, users can still go into Privacy -> Location Services and turn Location Services on. But, once they do that, they cannot turn it off again. They can, however, still change the location services settings for apps individually (using the "Never" and "While Using the App" options).

I need to figure out how to turn location services on without the user being able to modify those settings or being prompted to enable location services, if possible. (JSS 9.82/iOS 9.2.1).

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I'd like this, for some reason iPads seem to have the wrong timezone selected if Location services is disabled, even though the user is specifically picking New Zealand during setup...
Location services immediately fixes this.

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I'm still having an issue with students going in and shutting off location services. I don't see that they added this feature as part of a config profile yet.

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iOS 12.1
This 'issue' is still present. It appears Find governs the Share Location settings of the device. Workflow:
1. Devices Config Profile > Restrictions > iOS > Functionality > Allow modifying Find My Friends settings = Enabled
2. Devices Config Profile > Restrictions > iOS & TV > Applications > Do Not Allow: Find Friends (

This workflow will allow the device to share its location while preventing usage of the Friend

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I think it is expected behavior due to apple documentation