IOS Photo App Content Management in OneDrive


We are an M365 municipality and use IOS mobiles in the field with Jamf Pro.

With that said, we have several shared IOS devices. Think of all the Fire or Public Works crews that have a shared crew iPhone or iPad. There may be 3-8 people on a crew rotating shift to shift, so no one is logging into an Entra/M365 account on these devices. Coming up with a photo management solution for these shared devices has been elusive.

With the person assigned devices, managing photos is easy. The person is logged into M365 on the device through Outlook, Teams etc. So, they can "share" their Photo app content with themselves to their OneDrive. Or, I can create a shared OneDrive for the whole department, and they can each have their own folder in there.

I know I can create a managed Apple ID that is assigned to shared devices and content could be copied to iCloud. But how in the world would I get that content over to a shared OneDrive in M365? There's no way we're going down the road where users are logging into both Microsoft and Apple clouds. I need some kind of cloud connector through which I can sync managed Apple ID content with a share M365 OneDrive.

Anyone have any thoughts on how to get content from a shared IOS device up to M365 as described above?

Any help much appreciated.