iOS. PreStage Enrollment. Install configuration profiles before Setup Assistant


Hi guys,

Saw this new feature in iOS Prestage Enrollment and no idea how does it work.
Couldn't find any article with relating to this.

How does it install configuration profile before I connecting to Wifi during setup assistant page?


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Hello @reon,

This setting only works after you have entered WiFi and then Enrolled with DEP. If you have other profiles like email, password requirements, etc. pending then they would get installed next before the rest of the Setup screens are presented (i.e. Location Services etc.).


Hi @cdenesha

I get what you mean.
But I think the word 'before' is misleading.

We need to connect to WiFi first, and connecting to WiFi is part of Setup Assistant (correct me if wrong)
So how does Configuration Profile get installed 'BEFORE' Setup Assistant

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The "Setup Assistant" screens referenced in the setting do not occur until after the DEP enrollment. After the DEP enrollment is where you'd see the following screens:
- Apps & Data
- Move from Android
- Passcode Lock
- Home Button Sensitivity
- Touch ID / Face ID
- Apple Pay
- Display Zoom
- True Tone Display
- Cloud Storage
- Apple Watch
- New Feature Highlights
- iMessage and FaceTime
- Screen Time
- Software Update

Of course you'd never even get to the Setup Assistant without connecting the device to Wi-Fi first.

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What is the actual benefit of this feature?

One potential issue I can see is if a wifi connection configuration profile is used for the enrollment process (like through Apple Configurator 2 app), the MDM Profile installation step will actually remove the manually installed wifi configuration profile leaving the iOS device stuck at applying final configuration.

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@cbd4s We see this regularly with iPads. They actually drop off wifi after enrollment.

I'm wondering if this actually helps with that...

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@rstasel we see that as well, dropping wifi during or right after enrollment. and then it looks like the enrollment takes a loooong time but in the end it works.
I have no idea how to solve it