iOS - resetting user passwords (without DEP) - research

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Hello. I'm doing some research for a large project that has been thrown at my team.

  1. We're an college campus.
  2. Due to Covid we were rapidly propelled into purchasing iPads and sending them to students without any management in place or even DEP.
  3. For reasons that are far to long to get into, we will not be able to utilize DEP at all.

Several of our iPads have come back completely locked because the student forget to log out and reset the iPad back to its default vanilla state.

Using JAMF will I be able to avoid that in the future without the device simultaneously enrolled in DEP? If an iPad is locked because a student left it locked will I be able to override that with JAMF? (This is, of course, after I enroll said devices into JAMF).

My pain now is I have to contact apple with proof of purchase for locked iPads. It is a painful, and slow, process.

Ideally on