IOS Web Browsers Appconfig

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We have rolled out about 3000 iPads for K through 2nd graders. The students need to take a web-based test and the test requires popups. In JAMF, Restriction there is an option that allows popups and that seemed to work years ago. However, it does not seem to be working now. It seems like Safari has its own settings nowadays. We want to push out the "allow popup" settings to the web browser so the kids do not have to worry about that. Ideally, it would be good to have a setting like "allow popup for these web sites". I have tried Chrome and Firefox and various app config settings from what I could find on the internet, but nothing has worked yet. Are there any current recommendations with the modern web browsers?


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Hi - we may be able to handle this scenario with our safe browser which fully supports AppConfig: - we can add support to enable/disable the toggle for Pop-up Windows. We are based on Firefox but with a fully contained web filter and management via Jamf/AppConfig.

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Have you had any luck figuring this out without without having to purchase a special application. You would think this is a basic function that should be handled with the app configuration settings in jamf.