iPad Air 2 Cases for K-12

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Although this isn't a technical questions I would still be curious to hear from anyone that has had any experience with the BX²™ Edge iPad Air 2 Case from Brenthaven. We are looking for a good K-12 case that would last around three years (I know that is asking a lot). We've also looked into the Otterbox UnlimitEd case but the clicking back stand has us concerned.

Thanks in advance everyone!



We're switching to the BX2 Edge having previously worked with STM Dux and OtterBox Defender cases. The STM Dux is a nice small unobtrusive case and typically survives most falls and accidents but I found the Air 2 case was a major let down from the iPad 3-4 version in terms of survivability. The OtterBox Defender had many things going for it but the plastic tends to break easily and turn into sharp daggers or the corners break off and make the stand unusable. I have a sample BX2 Edge Air 2 case and love it. The STM Dux has rubber "nubs" the screen cover rested against and if you didn't position it just right it would collapse like a deck of cards. The BX2 has a slot for the screen cover to convert into the stand, much more robust in my eyes. The protective aspects seem good as well much more "meat" in the corners than the STM or even the OtterBox. The only downside is you'll need to trust the cover to protect the screen or purchase plastic or glass screen protectors.

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We use a combination of Supcase (https://www.amazon.com/SUPCASE-Generation-Full-body-Protective-Protector/dp/B00O8RCHES/ref=sr_1_1?ie...)

And Moko Case (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01AJP4AS8/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1) - You'll have to add a screen protector for these however.

Strangely, we've heard no complaints and only compliments about these 2 cases.

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We have switched to Supcase's Beetle Defense cases and love them. Great quality, a great look and a great price.

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We use the STM Dux cases that apple will sell edu in 10 packs. We like the back is clear so we can label devices and students can't easily peel off the labels.

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You can't beat the price on those beetle cases. I'll have to order a couple and check it out. We were starting to worry about the cost of cases this summer having gone up on the Survivor.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone! The beetle cases do drive a good bargain, however we need something with a stand as well. I've tested out the STM Dux case and wasn't too happy about the top cover as it was sliding all over the place. We may end up using the Moko case for the younger grades, however we have them stored in cabinets so their size worries me a little.

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We use a version of the Moko case for our K-2 classes. We clipped off the plug cover - we figured they would pull those off anyway. They are stored in plastic crates so it is easy for classes to share since we are 2:1 for those grades.