iPad as Kiosks and separate App Config Settings

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Hi All,
We're piloting iPad kiosks as check in devices for various uses (Reception, Help Desk, etc) and I'm curious to hear how others are managing/dealing with a single mobile app that has multiple app config settings that are unique to each site the device is deployed to. We're using DEP to deploy them, and apart from just manually assigning a specific version of the app to a specific SN, not sure how to make this as simple as possible. I suppose I could have several prestage enrollments, one for each site? Seems messy though cuz any change would have to be applied to each. Am I missing something obvious here? πŸ™‚



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We played around with bluetooth beacons near our devices that would cause JAMF to install a particular app and configuration. The only issue we ran into was having your groups of devices far enough from each other to eliminate overlap.

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Have you looked into Jamf Setup? It's an iOS App that lets users determine what "role" they are in, and that determines which app, or app configurations, they get.