iPad in Single App Mode + OS updates

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We have 40 iPad Pros used for meeting room event boards. I have them running in single app mode flawlessly. My question is around running the OS Updates.

I was able to take my test devices and remotely push the update command and they did that. The problem is that upon completion, they come up to the "Hello" screen. I hit the home button and I am then on the "Software Update Complete Your iPad has been updated to iPadOS 13.3" screen and have to tap continue.

I have tried multiple ways to get these devices to come back up in single app mode but no matter what I do, I can't get past having to tap continue.

What am I missing?


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I'm running into this issue as well. I've tried different things but it doesn't seem like there is a way to bypass this screen.

We have to manually go through this screen every quarter since we update iOS every 90 days (Thanks to 90 day defer period)