iPad IP Address not updating


Hi All,

is the iPad's IP Address supposed to update each time the system does an inventory update? It seems that our system is only logging the IP Address from which the device was enrolled - the current IP address hasn't updated for many of our devices even though they won't have that same IP address when on our internal network.

I'm running 8.62



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Did a responce ever get posted about this? Im trying to limit config to network segments, but because Capser is not picking up the change in IP this seems useless.

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The iPad's current IP address should be collected in the inventory process. If it's not, I believe something is wrong with the iPad's enrollment or inventory process.

In our environment the iPads are all 10.x.x.x while here on location, and ?.?.?.? when they're at home, which is the expected behavior.

I believe the weakness is that the inventory update only happens once per day... try doing a mass inventory update at a few times during the day and see what happens.