ipad jamf not installing app

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i enrolled my iPad into jamf, for my company. the enrollment of the iPad, was successful. i was able to see the device in jamf. And the MDM profile was successfully installed. however no prerequisite, application was installed on the iPad. would it be possible, if i installed the self service app from the app store. And would self service, contain all my company approve apps. 


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It depends how you have the application setup under "Mobile Device Apps". Is it set to auto install or only install via self service? You will also need to make sure the app is scoped correctly so that you or your device is in that scope. 

You will also need to setup self service in Jamf. Installing it directly from the app store won't work as it won't be configured. You can read about the setup of Self Service here as there's two ways of doing it: https://docs.jamf.com/10.42.0/jamf-pro/documentation/Jamf_Self_Service_for_iOS.html?hl=jamf%2Cself%2...