iPad Prestage Enrollment Automation

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iPads are shipped directly to the end user. I never touch them. We have a portal users can go to and order equipment. There is a dropdown menu for iPads where they tell us what they'll be using it for, like "Warehouse, Field Tech, General". At this time, when I get the request ticket, when I approve it I email the requestor and tell them to send me their serial number when they get the iPad. I then move it manually into the appropriate prestage enrollment and let them know they can now do the setup. What are others doing to sort of automate this a little?



We talked to our Apple rep and they were able to put our support ticket email as a CC recipient for outgoing orders. This means every time a location orders a set of iPads, a ticket is automatically generated with the order number when the iPads ship. We then assign the devices to the correct MDM via order number, then close the ticket while notifying the location that they are able to setup the devices once they receive them.

This does a few things for us:
- Alerts us when a location orders devices (and what kind)
- Gives us an estimated idea of when the location will receive them
- There is no manual entry or a chance of serial number typos (we have actually caught a couple of mistakes on Apple's part with this method, ie sending a wrong iPad to a location)
- Allows us to stay ahead of "quick fingers", since the devices are DEP'd before even reaching the location
- Allows us to send setup instructions through the closing of the ticket, for those that might forget or have questions
- Keeps a record in our ticketing system of which tech DEP'd the order, etc