iPad stuck with Activation Lock

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I was trying to document the enrollment process from unbox as part of a POC for JamfPro. I have sent commands to unmanage the iPad and it shows as unmanaged in the inventory. But the device itself still shows an Activation Lock and asks for an Apple ID when one was not used to enroll it. Anyone have any ideas how to break this loop? It is still trying to check in with someone. 


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So, it turns out that it was looking for my ABM credentials. I'm not sure why it picked me but the device literally had an obfuscated address of my credentials. But I got past the activation screen and will wipe it now. 

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In Jamf School, navigate to Devices > Devices in the sidebar. Click on the device you need the Activation Lock bypass code for. Use the Device Details pane to do one of the following: To clear the Activation Lock on the device, click Clear activation lock in the Activation Lock settings.


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Just as a FYI, if you enable activation lock through the MDM (not the user enabling Find My iPad). The AppleID that is needed to deactivate AL directly on the device is the AppleID that was used to create MDM server in ABM/ASM.