iPads - erase user content without erasing the device

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We are working through a rollout of 802.1x and so our iPads will shortly be using Device Certificates in a configuration profile to access the network.

One section here has ~30 iPads that they use for outreach and so want to have the ability to erase user content (browsing history, photos, etc) without wiping after a group of kids has used the iPads.

Currently the devices are not managed but they can be added into Apple School Manager via Apple Configurator and so become supervised and assigned to our Jamf Pro server

There is no logon currently on the devices

If I erase them, then they lose their network connection so it will all have to be jumpstarted by using my phone as a hotspot to get access back to the server - not a great solution for the end users. Is there some sort of way to erase user content without erasing the device?


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It sounds like you may want to look at Shared iPad and/or Temporary Session.  If you are not deploying 1:1 iPad, this may be your best bet.