Ipads not connecting after certificate renewal

New Contributor

Our organization had an issue with our certificate expiring, but it was tied to an applie ID for an ex-employee so we had to create a new certificate under a new ID. Then the trouble began... 


We were able to renew the certificate, then push out to our devices (iPads) to re-enroll them. Some accepted it, others did not. 


For the devices that did not accept it, they are now unable to communicate with the JAMF server to push updates, apps, etc. 

Our organization is a bit different as we manage the devices by serial numbers, not Apple ID's (we have high turn over) 

I have tried soft and hard reset the devices in the hopes they would come back online, but no luck. We have been in contact with JAMF support directly, and they have recommended for us to wipe the devices via the device and then have them re-enroll. Because our company uses these devices for mission critical applications, we cannot do this easily and have a workforce that is spread out geographically. 

I am wondering if anyone has been able to overcome an issue like this, without fully wiping the devices for re-enrollment? Just trying to save a lot of headaches if possible. 




if you are using pre-stage to enrol devices then you have no choice. otherwise previous profiles must be removed before you can enrol the device with the new one.