iPads not updating inventory over wifi, but do when connected using lightning-ethernet adapter.

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I have a weird issue where the inventory for my iPads isn't updating when on wifi, but it updates if I connect them to ethernet. They are all on iOS16.1.1, 9th generation wifi only - has anyone else seen this issue?


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Potentially a port issue on the WiFi Vlan?

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Check your DNS settings on WiFi versus Ethernet. Could be a DNS resolution issue resulting in the iPads cannot reach the Jamf server.


Or like AtillaTheC said, it could be a network port or restriction issue too.

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Thanks for the replies, interesting issue where the DNS settings on the iPad (when on wifi) don't have the Search Domains area populated, but it is in there when I check the same setting on the ethernet connection. DNS servers ip's are populated and are the same on wifi and ethernet. I'll keep digging!

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After much digging and testing, found that a previous employee had added a firewall rule blocking JAMF communicating with the generic account being used by the iPads. Removed the rule and iPads are now updating.