iPads that Do/Do Not Support Current iOS

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In our district we have a lot of iPads of varying ages (I think we still have a couple of iPad 1's hiding out there!). I want to be able to quickly view which of these iPads are still current and which are not. Initially I thought about creating an extension attribute that just states whether the device supports the current iOS, and then make smart groups based on that, but then I realized you can't do EA's for iPads.

I know I can just make a Smart Group that says any model that's a 5th gen, Air or Air 2 is in the Supported iOS group and everything else is in the Unsupported iOS group, but I don't want to have to change that criteria every time a new device comes out or an old device is no longer supported or when a new iOS version is released. I'd just like it to set it and forget it. Is there a way to do this?


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Not really, but id also be using an advanced computer search vs smart group. That way you're not forcing Jamf Pro to always calculate groups.

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We've purged our oldest models, so I just roll with this:


We'll prob be re-selling all those this summer.

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Ok, that's what I ended up doing. I created smart searches for "iOS Devices: Supported" and "iOS Devices: Unsupported" and listed each applicable model under the criteria. I'll have to change it any time Apple moves forward, but it's something. Any new ideas, please still post...