Is anyone using Alectrona Patch or Migrator?

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Just looking for some feedback about the product. They had a presentation at JNUC showing off the Migrator product, which is what I have the biggest need for but their Patch solution is also interesting. 


I'd love to hear alternative solutions in those spaces as well if anyone has suggestions. I'm very much at the point where I'd rather pay a few bucks and have support/lower time investment than look at some of the more "open source roll your own" options. 


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I have used a slightly modified version of the open source version of the alectrona migrator, but having had a demo of their new migrator product, I can say that it works significantly better than the old version did. Way nicer of an interface,  a loading bar to actually give some sense of progress, etc.

The only downside is not really a solution currently on M1 devices as the source due to the way Apple changed target disk mode